Forests for All

We are excited to announce the collaboration between Trees and Sea Outdoor Adventures and The Very Inclusive Play Club, we deliver woodland and beach projects to children with Additional Support Needs and their families.

Our sessions are led by Therapeutic Forest practitioners, Forest School leaders/assistants and Childcare Practitioners.

We bring together 30 years of combined knowledge and experience and are keen to offer a natural, safe, calm and supported environment for your children to play, learn and have fun.

Our sessions will be mainly child-led with some games and activities to support the development of resilience, independence, language, social and emotional skills. Child-led play gives children the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace, this also allows us to identify what their interests are and we can focus in on this to help them to connect with nature.

Sessions will be delivered to ensure they meet the needs of each child. Siblings are welcome to attend as we promote sibling bounding to create special family memories.

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