My son simply loves Forest School Fridays. I can really see that spending time in nature is so good for him. He enjoys all the adventures and experiences Forest school offers to him, and of course hot chocolate and marshmallows around the fire. We are so grateful to Jill for setting up this forest school, she is doing such a great job and the kids love her.” parent

“I love forest school because I love to go into the forest. I like playing with sticks and climbing and the barbeque. We even make pizzas!” age 6

“I think Trees and Seas is good because I like exploring and being around trees with other children. Jill has good adventures!” age 7

Jill is hugely and equally motivated to teach children how to enjoy the outdoors in a safe but unlimited environment and to build a company and service that is inclusive for the community and underprivileged.

Whilst on a sabbatical between roles, I have had the pleasure to volunteer at Trees and Seas and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. To see so many children enjoy being outside (rain, hail or shine) where we played games, built dens and fires and were also mentally and physically stimulated was incredibly satisfying!” volunteer

“Outdoor learning helps develop the skills of enquiry, critical thinking and reflection necessary for our children and young people to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of life in the 21st century. Outdoor learning connects children and young people with the natural world, with our built heritage and our culture and society, and encourages lifelong involvement and activity in Scotland’s outdoors.”  Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning, 2010

 “We want to create a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices to protect it.” Field study Centre